I’m available to shoot in a variety of photographic styles, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. Professional enquiries only.


Please review this before making a booking to shoot with me so that we are both on the same page on the day of the shoot.

I’m a professional model and this is my full time job, and as such I am firm with my rates. I will bring to the shoot the experience, professionalism and overall energy to more than justify my rates. Please note that I require a 50% deposit at the time of booking to secure your spot. This is payable electronically.

How my rates work: my rates are based on the style of shoot that we do. So if we shoot all day in one style the rate will be for that style. However, if at the end of the shoot you wish to do a different style where the rate is higher, the whole shoot will be charged at that higher rate. If you need clarification on this, please contact me before booking a shoot.

I’m a lovely friendly person who is very comfortable with her body. Please do not confuse my friendliness, enthusiasm for my work and personality as an invitation – I am here to model only. Any inappropriate advances will not be tolerated.

I’m accompanied to shoots by my full-time, professional assistant, especially when working with a new photographer. This won’t affect the quality or flow of our work, and is non-negotiable for my personal safety.

I’m open to various styles of shooting, but please contact me to discuss your requirements ensure that your questions about my limitations are addressed before the day of the shoot.